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The Marigold House

Interior Design

Bespoke Furniture Design

Project Information

Client PrivateCraftsman Justus TjebboPhotography Justus Felthuis

“Can you make our house a home?” When the client approached us, they freshly bought their house in de Jordaan but felt like it didn’t embody their personalities. The 5 story house, had seen many shapes and functionalities throughout its history. Originally build as a home for a big working class family, it then transformed to a vegetable market store that later would be completely rebuild as a modern Amsterdam house. One could describe it as a house with many chapters and it was about to start a new one.

One of the unique assets of this house is the fact that it divides 100m2 over 5 different levels, creating intimate spaces that feel personal and cozy. This however called for efficient use of space and the right balance between function and style. On each floor we therefor designed custom elements that accommodate life as well as creating a distinctive style that would give this house the personality our client was looking for.

The client was looking for warmth and a use of space that suited their personal lifestyle and preferences. With the use of their already owned pieces and personal items we created a homely interior that mixes vintage chic with a modern style and quirky details. Combined with beautifully crafted bespoke elements, it transformed into a home that feels cosy, warm and inviting, a place to rest after a busy working day.

“Creating a new interior doesn’t always mean, buying new furniture.”

An essential part of how we start each project is finding out what the client really needs or in other words, translating their questions into clear focus points. In this project it wasn’t necessarily about  a brand new interior but more so about guiding the client into creating personal and inviting spaces while we also designed custom closets and work spaces that are completely tailored to their wishes and needs. 

It is very important to Range that we offer the client a clear visual representation of our ideas. To do so, we have a wide range of tools to draw from. In this case we translated our ideas into isometric visuals of the specific spaces, which gave us the flexibility to alter the designs as the project moved forward and the clients wishes became more solid.