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Project Information

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DDNA is a family company which values true en personal connection in everything they do. With a heritage in antiques and remembrance objects they found that the emotional connection we form with jewelry often transcends the object itself. It inspired them to create something that captures this connection. By making use of a DNA driven design method they offer unique and personal jewelry that is responsibly sourced and mindfully made. 

When DDNA approached us we were immediately drawn in by their story and beautifully made jewelry but their story had yet to find its light and language. Our mission was to give DDNA  a unique voice that connects the costumers to the story, their story,  as well as creating beautiful imagery that can inspire and empower. Above all, we wanted an experience in which their jewelry becomes the visualisation of their mission; creating jewelry with meaning that becomes the ultimate celebration of life.

The logo resembles a strong foundation that can stand the test of time. It communicates a modern feel and gives subtle visual hints towards one of their core values; connection.

Forming their on- and offline appearance required us to reshape their identity. We created an inspirational art catalog that reflects the unique and personal character of the company and evokes a sense of discovery. With the use semi-transparent overlays in both the photography as well as the physical catalogue we are connecting to the deeper layers of the story in a tactile and sophisticated way.

We created a world in which DDNA shines as an elegant, personal and mindful company.

An important step in evolving DDNA was creating an e-commerce experience that would match their unique visual artistry and story. In collaboration with Wonderland we translated the newly found identity into an immersive and exciting website. The site has a gentle flow throughout and combines a soft color palette with intimate photography. Together with the interactive digital elements of the website they communicate a luxurious and personal quality.