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Client Self initiated Status In progress

The Netherlands and water; they have an inseparable connection. One look at the map over the centuries is enough to realize how defining water is for the country.

The Dutch chose centuries ago to fight the water against all odds. They learned how to adapt themselves and proactively find ways to live with water. Amsterdam attract tourists from all over the world and they sure make a pretty picture but are we using water wisely?

We all know the phrase; water is life, and yet most of us take it for granted. Clean water is one of the most essential sources for our health, living situation and food supply and with the outlook on overcrowded cities and the growing water demand, this life source is at risk. ‘L'eau-ase’ will not only offer a solution in providing housing to overpopulated cities like Amsterdam, but will also aim to create a new way of using, managing and sharing water. The objective is to create an urban water cycle which is local, social and flexible and consequently decrease the pressure on our original water sources. By doing so we want to raise awareness and promote a transition towards sustainable and efficient use of water.

Among other factors, the promise of jobs and prosperity, pulls people to cities. Half of the global population already lives in cities, and by 2050 two-third of the world's population are expected to live in urban areas. Strong city planning will be essential in managing population density and clean water availability.

More locally, the municipality of Amsterdam is already looking at initiatives for the improvement of public health and the liveability of Amsterdam by making it a car free city. Consequently the parking spots in the city center will become vacant which, if we use it smartly, will become important and valuable spaces. The measurements of Amsterdam parking spots are 6m in length and 2.5m in width. By re-using this space as the base of our l’eau-ase we can build new homes with a footprint of only 6x2.5m and yet create a modern and self-sufficient home in the middle of the famous Amsterdam city center.

“With its shiny exterior and soft interior color palette the drop may appear as an oasis in the city, reflecting its surroundings and fulfilling its thirst for change.”

By making smart use of the space, l'eau-ase elegantly provides you with everything necessary for comfortable living. The design features fluid lines, translucent elements and seamless transitions. It folds over the edge of the canal, keeping its base on the ground while bulging in the water. This way it can draw water from the canal, filter it and distribute it for in-house use as well as providing a local water tap for the community. It symbolically showcases the connection between the ground we live on and the water we live with, making it an exciting retreat and a bubble that you can make your own.