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The New Style Office

Interior design

Concept Creation

Project Information

Status CompletedYear 2022Location Amsterdam, NLClient Schroders Capital

As a semblance of normality starts to return after the Covid crisis, we can now say it highlighted and accelerated office trends that had been bubbling under the surface for years. It has been great for many to have additional time with family and to work from the comfort of home, avoiding the commute. Their offices weren’t wonderlands of wonderfulness so they would rather go back to something better than what they left. A new take on what the office should look like, provide and stimulate. 

For the design of Cuserpark 85 we translated these new ideas and gave our take on what an office in this day and age could look like, how it is used and how it can boost engagement and well-being. Moving away from a “traditional office” into a truly desirable space that will inspire and optimize the time you spent in it. 

Essentially we wanted to create a space that provides options. Choose your desired work environment according to the task at hand, your mood or specific client. Open spaces that invite connection and interaction, focus desks for ultimate productivity, standing desks for well-being and lounges for relaxed conversation.

Being efficient and delivering your best work also means being able to blow off some steam. Therefore we incorporated a space where one can enjoy a simple game of table tennis or embody your inner superhero in a videogame. Not to forget about the courtyard with a lush bamboo forest that will make your lunch break feel like an actual break. Recharge and retune, focus and produce it is all about the balance that can be created by providing options.

“People don’t want to go to the office to end up in a blend and un-personal environment. Therefore we want to create an office that makes the commute worth while.”

For the interior of the Cuserpark office we used materials that would evoke a certain sense of feeling at ease, at home even. Wooden floors and furniture create the perfect serene and warm backdrop for bolder splashes of color and carefully curated pieces. We mixed patterns and textures that naturally create separation of spaces and focused on the connection to greenery.